Free Lessons and Resources

Teaching Tips

Beginner Level
  • Objective: To teach conversational English to a student who has studied beginning English in their home country, perhaps from a non-native English speaker, and who has a limited vocabulary and understanding of English, but who is literate in their own language, and may be able to read and write a little English.
  • Focus is on conversationsal English and vocabulary building within the context of practical, daily activities. Repetition for mastery, continual review of previous lesson(s), and encouragement are very important.
  • Listening and Speaking are the primary focus, although reading and writing should be included (more than at the survival level).
  • This level requires use of many visuals to aid in comprehension (i.e. picture dictionaries, objects, etc.)
  • Use complete sentences.
  • Give pronunciation tips.

Curriculum and Supplemental Book Suggestions

Beginner Level
  • "Center Stage" (Pearson Education) Level 1 and 2
  • "A Conversation Book 1" by Tina Kasloff Carver (Author), Sandra Douglas Fotinos (Author); Pearson Education, Publisher; various editions (i.e. 3rd edition, 4th edition).
  • ExpressWays Book 1 (Paperback)
    by Steven J. Molinsky (Author), Bill Bliss (Author), Ann Kennedy (Author); Longman Publisher.
  • Side by Side: Student Book 1, Third Edition (Paperback)
    by Steven J. Molinsky (Author), Bill Bliss (Author); Longman, publisher. Related Student Workbooks.
  • Word by Word Picture Dictionary, Second Edition (Paperback)
    by Steven J. Molinsky (Author), Bill Bliss (Author); Longman, publisher.
  • Word by Word Basic Beginning Workbook (Paperback)
    by Steven J. Molinsky (Author), Bill Bliss (Author)
  • Foundations (Paperback)
    by Steven J. Molinsky (Author), Bill Bliss (Author)
  • Step Forward:
    Language for Everyday Life; Oxford, publisher.
  • Oxford Picture Dictionary (monolingual or specific language oriented available); Oxford, publisher.